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     Xing Bao Plastic Products Corporation,Located at Kun Shan City, Jiang Su Province, China, a Taiwanese invested company, was founded in 1996. It covers forty thousand square meters and has about four hundred employees.
     Xing Bao's major business lines include plastic injection, product assembling, painting, non-conductive vacuum metallization and mold manufacturing, and its wide ranges of products in the fields of electronic, home appliances, auto parts, medical, and gardening are exported through the world.
     To ensure the quality of its products as well as keep punctuality in delivery, Xing Bao is equipped with the most advanced facilities, thorough auto-processing lines, stringent standardize quality control systems, and professional test equipments.
     At the same time, Xing Bao also emphasizes the ideas of environmental friendly and environmental protection. All waste water and air are dealt with through the anti-pollution processing systems. In addition to the clean rooms, shop floors are kept dustless and organized, and the surroundings of the company, the offices, and even the living quarter of employees are all maintained in a clean and comfortable status.

     Aiming at meeting various possible needs of its clients, Xing Boa is here to welcome your comments and look forward to the opportunities to work with you.

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